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Republicată de Platon Still in quarantine? Celebrities are cooped up in their homes across the country just like many of us. That time of silence in the house is amazing: for sitting on the couch with my coffee, for meditation, and going over my emails.

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My mother is here in quarantine with us, and my assistant is locked in here with us as well. It ranges from oatmeal to scrambled eggs. Family of 6: Ricky Martin welcomes baby No. Your self-esteem gets so affected when you go on social media and see everybody working out, but the last thing I want to do is pick up a dumbbell.

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We have a little room where my husband works out, and I pass by, say hi and keep walking. I told him I wanted to be naked with my torso in front of a wall … and he started taking pictures. We have babies that at are sleeping Lucía, 16 months and Renn, eight monthsand when they go to sleep, we run into the room to do the same.

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When all the kids are sleeping and I actually sit down to watch movies, I just fall asleep. I had a great time! I just want to bring investiții în proiecte bitcoin fl studio the competitors on the road with me.

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It felt amazing to be in the studio and see how creative they are. I love her! She walked in with that flag bodysuit and I got goosebumps; my heart was about to explode.

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Have you picked up any new hobbies in lockdown? Yes, if you count cleaning windows, cleaning toilets and obsessively sweeping my office. On quarantining with his mom: She came to spend some time with my kids while I was on the road in Latin America.

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We talk about similarities investiții în proiecte bitcoin fl studio differences, and try to create a full spectrum of ideas.