Opțiuni de răspândire proporțională

But does it follow that the minority should have no representatives at all? Is it necessary that the minority should not even be heard?

Nothing but habit and old association can reconcile any reasonable being to the needless injustice. In a really equal democracy, every or any section would be represented, not disproportionately, but proportionately.

opțiuni de răspândire proporțională

A majority of the electors would always have a majority of the representatives, but a minority of the electors would always have a minority of the representatives. Man for man, they would be as fully represented as the majority.

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Unless they are, there is not equal government Fairness[ edit opțiuni de răspândire proporțională PR tries to resolve the unfairness of majoritarian and plurality voting systems where the largest parties receive an "unfair" "seat bonus" and smaller parties are disadvantaged and are always under-represented and on occasion winning no representation at all Duverger's law. Opțiuni de răspândire proporțională the UK electionfor example, the Labour Party under Tony Blair won a comfortable parliamentary majority with the votes of only An example is the Bloc Québécois in Canada that won 52 seats in the federal electionall in Quebecon The Conservative party although strong nationally had had very strong regional support in the West but in this election its supporters in the West turned to the Reform party, which won most of its seats west opțiuni de răspândire proporțională Saskatchewan and none east of Manitoba.

Proportional representation

The more representatives per district and the lower the percentage of votes opțiuni de răspândire proporțională for electionthe more minor parties can gain representation. It has been argued that in emerging democracies, inclusion of minorities in the legislature can be essential for social stability and to consolidate the democratic process. With very low thresholds, very small parties can act as "king-makers", [19] holding larger parties to ransom during coalition discussions.

The example of Israel is often quoted, [3] but these problems can be limited, as in the modern German Bundestagby the introduction of higher threshold limits for a party to gain parliamentary representation which in turn increases the number of wasted votes.

opțiuni de răspândire proporțională

Israel, again, and Brazil and Italy are examples. In Ireland, on average, about six independent candidates have been elected each parliament.

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In some cases these independents have positions that are closely aligned with the governing party and it hardly matters. The Irish Government formed after the election even include independent representatives in the cabinet of a minority government.

opțiuni de răspândire proporțională

In others, the electoral platform is entirely local and addressing this is a price for support. Coalitions[ edit ] The election of smaller parties gives rise to one of the principal objections to PR systems, that they almost always result in coalition governments.

Opponents counter that with many policies compromise is not possible.

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Neither can many policies be easily positioned on the left-right spectrum for example, the environment. So policies are horse-traded during coalition formation, with the consequence that voters have no way of knowing which policies will be pursued by the government they elect; voters have less influence on governments.

Most importantly, the ability of voters to vote a party in disfavour out of power is curtailed. Coalitions are rare; the two dominant parties necessarily compete at the centre for votes, so that governments are more reliably moderate; the strong opposition necessary for proper scrutiny of government is assured; and governments remain sensitive to public sentiment opțiuni de răspândire proporțională they can be, and are, regularly voted out of power.

Italy is an often-cited example with many governments composed of many different coalition partners.

However, Italy is unusual in that both its houses can make a government fall, whereas other PR nations have either just one opțiuni de răspândire proporțională or have one of their two houses be the core body supporting a government. Voter participation[ edit ] Plurality systems usually result in single-party-majority government because generally fewer parties are elected in large numbers under FPTP compared to PR, and FPTP compresses politics to little more than two-party contests, with relatively few votes in a few of the most finely balanced districts, the " swing seats ", able to swing majority control in the house.

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Incumbents in less evenly divided districts are invulnerable to slight swings of political mood. This fact in turn encourages parties to be more responsive to voters, producing a more "balanced" ticket opțiuni de răspândire proporțională nominating more women and minority candidates.

Compared to countries with plurality electoral systems, voter turnout improves and the population is more involved in the political process. To compound the problem, boundaries have to be periodically re-drawn to accommodate population changes. Even apolitically drawn boundaries can unintentionally produce the effect of gerrymandering, reflecting naturally occurring concentrations.

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Later population changes can be accommodated by opțiuni de răspândire proporțională adjusting the number of representatives elected.

For example, Professor Mollison in his plan for STV for the UK divided the country into districts and then allocated a different number of seats to each district to equal the existing total of depending on the number of voters in each but with wide ranges his five-seat districts include one withvoters and another withvoters.

His district boundaries follow historical county and local authority boundaries, yet he achieves more uniform representation than does the Boundary Commissionthe body responsible for balancing the UK's first-past-the-post constituency sizes. Under parallel votinga semi-proportional systemthere is no compensation for the effects that such gerrymandering might have.

Under MMP, the use of compensatory list seats makes gerrymandering less of an issue. However, its effectiveness in this regard depends upon the features of the system, including the size of the regional districts, the relative share of list seats in the total, and opportunities for collusion that might exist.

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Link between constituent and representative[ edit ] It is generally accepted that a particular advantage of plurality electoral systems such as first past the postor majoritarian electoral systems such as the alternative voteis the geographic link between representatives and their constituents.

In such cases it is sometimes argued that constituents and representatives have a closer link; [26] [29] constituents have a choice of representative so they can consult one with particular expertise in the topic at issue.

There is less likely to be a strong incentive to parachute them opțiuni de răspândire proporțională constituencies in which they are strangers and thus less than ideal representatives.

The other parties had not paid attention, but this made them aware. With the next election, the Party of the Elderly was gone, because the established parties had started to listen to the elderly.

opțiuni de răspândire proporțională

This can be seen as an example how geography in itself may not be a good enough reason to establish voting results around it and overturn all other particulars of the voting population. In a sense, voting in districts restricts the voters to a specific geography.

Opțiuni de răspândire proporțională voting follows the exact outcome of all the votes. Proportionality improves as the magnitude increases. As this system can be expected to result in the election of one candidate from each of the two dominant political blocks in most districts, it is not generally considered proportional.

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The lower the threshold, the opțiuni de răspândire proporțională the proportion of votes contributing to the election of representatives and the lower the proportion of votes wasted. However, well regarded candidates who attract good second and third, opțiuni de răspândire proporțională.

Thus, in a six-seat district the effective threshold would be 7.

opțiuni de răspândire proporțională

Party magnitude[ edit ] Party magnitude is the number of candidates elected from one party in one district. As party magnitude increases a more balanced ticket will be more successful encouraging parties to nominate women and minority candidates for election. An example of this was identified in a dezvoltarea unui robot de tranzacționare la comandă in the Scottish local elections where Labourputting up three candidates, won only one seat while they might have won two had one of their voters' preferred candidates not stood.

As a consequence, it is possible to have a divided government where a parliament and president have opposing views and may want to balance each other influence.

However, the proportional system favors government of coalitions of many smaller parties that require compromising and negotiating topics.

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With a proportionally elected House, a President may strong-arm certain political issues[ citation needed ] This issue does not happen in Parliamentary systemwhere the prime-minister is elected indirectly, by the parliament itself. As a consequence a divided government is impossible.

Even if the political views change with time and the prime-minister lose its support from parliament, it can be replaced with a motion of no confidence.

opțiuni de răspândire proporțională

Effectively, both measures make it impossible to create a divided government. Others[ edit ] Other aspects of PR can influence proportionality such as the size of the elected body, the choice of open or closed lists, ballot design, and vote counting methods.

Measuring proportionality[ edit ] In many contexts, it is desired to evaluate how well do the awarded seat shares approximate proportionality. However, only exact proportionality has a single unambiguous definition.

A seat allocation is proportional only if the seat shares are equal to the vote shares. If this condition is not met, the seat allocation is disproportional.

Tsybulko Gia Limba rusă 36 de opțiuni.

Consequently, an index of proportionality will only take two values, one if the allocation is proportional and the other if it is not. In practice, it may be more interesting to examine the degree to which the number of seats won by each party differs from that of a perfectly proportional outcome.

In other words, how disproportional is the seat allocation.